The Phalanx Manifesto

3 min readSep 27, 2022


There are two types of players in the financial world: Small Players and Big Players. The financial system rules are designed by Big Players so that they deprive Small Players of most of the liquidity.

Introduction to Saint Nicholas’ ‘Balloons Theorem’

According to the ‘Balloons Theorem’, asset holders are represented graphically by circles. These circles are formed below the price graph and define the shape and evolution of the price in the future. The area of the circles is directly proportional to the quantity and price of the asset at a certain time.

Thus, when a large liquidity balloon is withdrawn from the market, the chart drops at a distance equal to the area of the retracted circle.

The most serious problem of the financial markets

During a complete market cycle, Big Players (and only 2–5% of Small Players) withdraw between 60–95% of the accumulated liquidity. As a result, over 95% of the Small Players will only get between 5–35% of the total liquidity. This leads to losses of 65–95% of the initial investment of all the Small Players involved.

What is Phalanx Manifesto?

Phalanx Manifesto is a market strategy and a solution to the most important problem of the financial markets. It is a manifesto through which the Planeteer team wants to prove the existence of a strategy where all the players involved can register constant profits. Phalanx Manifesto is a financial strategy that disapproves of current market rules and the marketing strategies used today.

Most of the marketing strategies now lead to what we know as FOMO (or the fear of missing out). Due to this strategy, up to 5% of players involved in the system withdraw up to 95% of the total liquidity. The remaining 95% of players will record losses of up to 95% of their total balance.

What are we doing?

Our goal is to stop the liquidity losses by offering a homogeneous distribution of the PTS token.

What we see in the image is a common market cycle (fg. A — the pump & dump phenomenon, happening in 95% of cases).

At the end of the market cycle:

  1. 95% of players lose between 65–95% of the total investment

2. The price drops by 65–95%, compared to the maximum reached

What we aim with PTS token is to create a rectilinear and uniform cycle (fg. B) where:

All players involved record profits between 5 -1000%

The price increases 1000% compared to the initial value




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